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  • 16 Feb 2017
    For getting the maximum benefits out of SMS or mobile marketing, a marketer requires following a long-term strategy. These marketing methods are best used when a brand or product is mobilized as per the needs and pre-defined targets of the business-in-question next to the accumulation and distribution of the content. Broadcast of these services to the right kind of audience at the right time is also needed. In this regard, an optimization can be done in the perspective with the end-user experience through an unmatched understanding of the performance of all potential mobile phone users. Right from movie tickets to the latest offers, bulk SMS is the reality all over the world today! One significant element of this method of marketing is that here there will be two-way quick communication between the customer who obtains it and the marketer in case the offer is availed. As an advertiser, you will have the satisfaction of measuring the response within a very short time period. As the mobile phones are ruling the world, marketing has become easy and at the same time successful. It has become a direct communication method. One method you can support the market to get involved is by providing some freebies to the customers who reply to your mobile marketing SMS. There is a big range of applications present such as Excel plugin, the bulk SMS software that comes with in-built SMS API. This helps you reach out customer successfully and quickly. The length of the SMS includes the majority of online traffic. It is an economical, highly receptive vehicle that markets prerequisite of information, brings in trustworthiness, and strengthens branding efforts just like the way you thought. The SMS marketing service providers use methods like SMS service, SMS delivery solutions, SMS marketing solutions, SMS gateways and VoIP to put up database and acts as a customized and communicative marketing medium. In this way, the PHP SMS API gateways can be seamlessly integrated into a present messaging system or application within very less time. The biggest benefit of these gateways is that the integrators and developers behind the SMS delivery solutions can have full access to a high-capacity, dependable and safe SMS messaging platform. Later, general protocols can be used by the developers to create and organize mobile data applications via different APIs. The APIs are linked to a provider's core messaging platform which then provides an effective, simple and flexible method of integration with a target to auto-generate SMS to get delivered to the intended recipient’s mobile numbers. The SMS marketing solutions or SMS delivery solutions can involve automated text messages, WAP Push SMS, language SMS, ringtones, picture SMS and flash SMS. The VoIP switches help to classify a unique sender ID besides creating and managing sub-accounts with organizational rights. The SMS gateways can be simply accessed by submitting values to the HTTP API server through POST or GET method. The idea of SMS marketing is transforming the business world with each passing day and the trend is probably continuing itself in the next few decades.
    487 Posted by Natasha Williams
  • 02 Jun 2017
    In today's world of growing digital crime and Internet scam various people will be extremely familiar with the significance of online security, usernames logins, and passwords, but if you ask them a question- what is two-factor authentication? the probability is that they will not understand what it is or how it works, although they may employ it every single day.   Two-factor authentication, also known as 2FA, is an additional layer of security that is called as multi-factor authentication and needs not only a password and username, but also something that only a user has, i.e., a piece of detail only they should understand or have straight away to hand - like a physical token. Employing a username and password together with a piece of detail that only the user understands makes it difficult for prospective intruders to get access and take that person's data or identity.   Many people almost certainly do not know this kind of security method is called two-factor authentication and possibly do not even consider it when employing hardware tokens, provided by their bank to use with their card and an individual identification number when looking to carry out Internet banking transactions. Using a two-factor authentication method can help to decrease the number of cases of identity pilfering on the Internet, as well as phishing through email, as the criminal would require more than just user’s name and password information. The disadvantage to this security method is that new hardware tokens require being ordered then provided and this can create slowdowns and issues for a company's customers needing and waiting to get entry to their own private details through this verification method. The tokens are also generally small and simply lost so creating more issues for everybody when customers call in asking new ones.   SendOTP by MSG91 looks to solve this issue with two-factor authentication by making use of mobile phone SMS technique. With over five billion mobile devices in use, converting a phone into a verification device fast solves the requirement and extra cost and delays of delivering hardware tokens. On the other hand, integrating SMS into different online shopping websites such as WooCommerce SMS integration, OpenCart SMS integration, etc., is also beneficial. Overall, making use of this type of authentication can be regarded as faster, quicker and cheaper to fix and manage all over many networks.
    342 Posted by Natasha Williams
  • 08 Dec 2017
    Are you searching for different methods that permit you to interact more successfully and simply with your intended client base? If you are, then why not think about employing a service that permits you to deliver a web SMS to these individuals.Certainly you may be speculating why you should even think of using an SMS web service to assist in making call with customers you have and likely new ones. Below are the reasons why such services are being so well-liked with various businesses nowadays.1. Not only do these services let you deliver bulk SMS at any time, but also let you obtain them as well. If you are capable of making contact much faster and successfully with possible customers to your business, then you will start seeing a change in the sales and definitely the sum of profit your business makes.2. It helps you staying in contact with your customers more and consequently you will come to know that they are more probable to stay trustworthy to you and buy goods or services from you. If you make them experience significant by providing a more individual service then definitely your customers will consider that you justify their business apart from your opponents do.For a business to stay alive in this present economic environment it is significant that it is capable of reaching as many feasible customers as probable. One of the most successful methods in which this can be accomplished and will help you in saving money is via employing a good value of web SMS service.
    337 Posted by Natasha Williams
  • 12 May 2017
    Two-factor authentication is a security process that makes use of two phases or types of authentication before secured information can be seen. Its aim is same to that of single-factor authentication, apart from one significant difference. In single-factor authentication, there is no requirement to give anything except a username and password. In two-factor authentication, a username and password will be needed, plus other details. This is to reinforce safety measures and further defend information. With authentication, a person enters a username and password, then more information for identity confirmation purposes. At this stage, the person may be inquired to feed a pass mark, generally to confirm that a user-linked image is being represented. Sometimes, a pass mark can be a query fixed by the user themself when they first made the log in information. A general example of this is when an email user misplaces their password and requests to create a new one. Before the email service provider permits a password reset, the individual will initially be needed to reply a security question that they themself made while creating the account.Two-factor authentication permits you to fix 2FA security for your customers’ accounts. A one-time password will be delivered to the customer’s mobile number and the customer has to feed the OTP to login to see the account information on your store. OpenCart SMS extension is the best example ever. Two-factor authentication is also used in different offline applications. A general example is entering safe premises by giving a numeric code, then going through a biometric test for assessing the identity of an individual. This kind of authentication generally makes use of sensors for fingerprint-scanning. A match between the beforehand entered passcode, the scanned fingerprint and the fingerprint accumulated in the file means the individual may be divulged into the assertions. Apart from fingerprint scanning, the method may also use facial checks, optic scans and voice identification. With the growing number of people transacting online, the risks are increasing as well. When delivering money via an online vendor, for instance, both the sender's and the receiver's accounts' security could be negotiated. Online payments done through credit cards could also improve security issues for their owners. Even offline, increasing criminality rates have made it all the more significant to make use of token less two-factor authentication methods for safe areas.
    324 Posted by Natasha Williams
Business 1,127 views Jan 22, 2018
Fundamentals of SMS marketing

SMS marketing is a method to obtain new clients. It is also a method to reinforce relationships with the old clients and also to outlook relationships with the old clients. The best reason of SMS marketing is to offer a service to the client via SMS. SMS service is a breathtaking method to interact at the lowest price.

How does SMS marketing operate in the marketplace? It is now difficult to make anybody pay attention to you cautiously as everyone is going out of time. It is significant now for the business houses to make their quotes as consistence and briefest as feasible. Therefore, it is feasible to go to the large number of people in a short time. This is one of the largest marketing policies of the organizations to approach people by employing bulk SMS service via internet. Another significant matter is that it requires typing the complete message only once and can be delivered to a lot of recipients at a time that keeps time, power all together. SMS marketing therefore holds a powerful position in the list of advertising tools.

The procedure of SMS marketing is recognized as bulk SMS service. It is simple to employ SMS marketing as a media for your business promotion. You can get various SMS service providers who would be willingly prepared to furnish you. Though, you require surveying the market before getting into it. It is simple to know which service provider has the best network to interact with people of your intended market. You can know the activities of the bulk SMS service providers via net.

In addition, using Magento SMS extension, bulk SMS software, SMS plugin, SMS gateway, etc., are some methods that help in making your SMS campaign successful.